Poker Tables Made to Order

Our Aim

Our aim at Doncaster Poker Tables is to create unique, superior-quality poker tables at affordable prices.

How we will do this

By offering our customers the opportunity to design their own poker table to match their requirements and personal style, each table can be completely customized by each individual client. This is what sets us apart from the low quality, mass-produced poker tables commonly found.

If you enjoy your poker and want to make a statement this is the ideal way.


Doncaster Poker Tables has evolved due to craving for the ultimate poker experience.

Everyone who has played the game must have played on the low quality fold out table. Most probably had the experience of drinks being knocked over the chips and cards. Possibly having the table knocked over due to one player enjoying themselves a little too much, pulling the required card on the river.  

You no longer need to put up with this as each table is produced with customer satisfaction in mind.

Quality machine-cut materials and careful hand assembly ensures your poker table is impeccably designed, perfectly constructed, and built to last.