The Product

As explained previously these tables are all about you and your requirements and preferences.

To make it easier we have put together four packages/tables as a starting point.


*                               The Royal Flush Modern Table

*                               The Royal flush Traditional Table

*                               The straight Flush Table

*                               The Budget Table


When you have an idea on the type and size

of table you require, then decide on the type

of cloth and Colour scheme from our

extensive range.



Send this information on to us using the order form and we will do the rest.


After a build time of three weeks the table will be on its way to you, ready to impress your poker chums.


Poker cloth options

This is probably the most important part of your poker table.

We have five different types of playing surface for you to choose from and here is a quick guide on the different cloths.

Billiard Felt: Budget choice. It is durable and the cards slide well but it is a bit rough and may lint.

Velveteen: Ok with a nice textured feel.

Non Suited Speed Cloth: Good and the cards slide very well.
Suited Poker Cloth: Very good.
High Definition Mini Suited Poker Cloth: Excellent! This is probably the best poker table playing surface.